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This site has been setup with people like myself in mind, those that are either starting on their journey to trace their grandparents role in the forces during world war 2, or those who have already found out information already and are willing to share the information and in turn maybe help somebody else on their quest.

Hopefully this site will grow with helpful links and information on other Grand parents that fought in the second world war, and who knows you may see your Grand parent in a photo standing next to someone else's Grand parent.

It has taken me approximately 2 years to find the information I have on my Granddad and my journey still hasn't come to an end yet, although I now know so much more than at the start. I started my quest with a Boxing trophy my Granddad had won, on the 31st May 1944. My mother gave me this trophy when she moved house. Suddenly the date on the trophy started to ring bells, "blimey" I thought, " A few days before the D-Day landings"

I then contacted my mother and my uncle to find out what information I could gather together from them. You see my Granddad died in 1977 when I was five and that age I didn't even know about the war. It has only been over the last 8-10 years that I have had any interest in the war so when I realised my Granddad was involved I was hooked to find out as much as I could.

My Uncle & Mother gave me various little stories and sketchy information on what they remember their father telling them.  Like a lot of Grand Parents they didn't talk about it unless asked, and then they were still reluctant to talk.

I was then given some photos of My Granddad in his uniform and two documents from the army, A Record of Service (Army Form W5258) and A Certificate of Transfer (Army Form X202/B).

I Could then start to see little links emerging and my quest was truly underway...........

I hope this site will be a helpful source of either information or inspiration for people like myself.  If you would like to have an entry put on this site for your Grand Parents, then please feel free to contact me and we can discuss what is required.

Now please take a look at the existing stories on this site.

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